Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We provide wealth management services to successful individuals, professionals and business owners including select groups of high net worth families with long-term investment planning. We focus on understanding personal goals-where our clients want to go in life and what they want to address with meaningful relationships based on trust, integrity and superior client service. Our business model consists of a disciplined investment management process and personalized service offering combined with a holistic approach to wealth management.

Our Approach To Working With Clients

We have a clear process to understand your goals and develop appropriate recommendations.

  1.  Discovery meeting to identify your goals and special concerns/challenges with your needs
  2. Analyze your current investment portfolio and evaluate options to develop wealth management plan with investment strategy
  3. Recommendations meeting with presentation of new wealth management plan and investment strategy
  4. Begin ongoing execution of wealth management plan and investment strategy
  5. 6 month follow-up meeting to discuss current progress and any changes
  6. Regular review meetings to monitor performance and adjust portfolio to address changes in goals or lifestyle

Our Investment Management Process

We have a clear process to understand your goals and develop wealth management investment strategy. To help pursue your financial goals, we employ a disciplined investment management process.

  • Establish investment goals and objectives
  • Determine risk tolerance and capacity for loss
  • Develop asset allocation strategy and investment strategy document
  • Customize portfolio model with tax planning strategies within platforms
  • Execute investment strategy and evaluate performance
  • Monitor progress and make necessary adjustments portfolio and investments

   *Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

Our Personalized Service Offering

Our personalized wealth management service for our clients should provide a great experience with us.

  •  Periodic client reviews
  • Comprehensive communications and performance reporting
  • Timely research and updates on market or economic trends
  • Personalized communications offering (i.e., portfolio manager insights, research reports, news on specific stocks)
  • Opportunities to attend financial and investment education events and seminars
  • Access to advisor and team, either remote or face-to-face
  • Facilitate family meetings
  • Act as a connection to other professionals (accountant, lawyers, et.)
  • Personalized delivery of information (phone, email, web, in-person)