eMoney Personal Financial Website

The eMoney client portal is designed to provide you with the robust features you need to stay connected to your finances, goals, and important documents. Your secure personal website is available via desktop or mobile, and it allows you to track your progress against the goals set by you and your financial advisor. And, perhaps most importantly, you never have to worry about your information being shared with online advertisers and other service providers.

Our services may include manual entry of financial data to the website, uploading and maintenance of documents electronically stored on the website, support of the aggregation function that permits clients to view consolidated financial information from accounts at various financial institutions and ongoing customer support and training related to eMoney. 

Your client portal provides you with:

  • Tracking of all net worth with asset and liability balances updated daily
  • Alerts to keep you aware of significant transactions and changes in balance
  • Investment analysis on all of your investment assets
  • A budget tool to track and prioritize your spending
  • Reports on net worth, cash flow, asset allocation, and more

Learn how you can use your Personal Financial Website to take control of your financial world. Download Your Personal Financial Website Overview.

Easily Aggregate All Client Accounts

Easily Aggregate All Client Accounts

Connect all of your clients’ accounts for a consolidated view of their complete financial picture.

Track Progress Toward Financial Goals

Track Progress Toward Financial Goals

Allow clients to easily add, personalize, and track progress toward their financial goals, including spending and budgeting tools.

Give Clients Unlimited Document Storage

Give Clients Unlimited Document Storage

Allow clients to safely store all their important files and access them from anywhere directly through eMoney.

Now You're ready to start managing your wealth with your personal financial website!

Your Personal Financial Website helps you see your financial life beyond the numbers. And with our automated fact finding questionnaire, you can get started with your Personal Financial Website on your own in just a few easy steps.

Personal Financial Website FAQ

This fact sheet provides answers to frequently asked questions about your Personal Financial website.

A Guide to Getting Started

A Guide to Getting Started

Now you’re ready to start managing your wealth with your personal financial website!

By combining our personal digital experience with the professional guidance only a trusted advisor can provide, we can work together to build and monitor a financial plan that fits your need.

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